Clearshield Pro Paint Protection Film

Professional Quality - Professionally Installed

Clearshield Pro dealers are experienced professionals using the highest quality paint protection film available. Their installation expertise, combined with the precision of the ComputerCut system, ensures form-fitted perfection for your total satisfaction.

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Panorama® Hilite Commercial Window Film

Solar Gard Panorama® Window Films

Hilite films provide exceptional solar control to keep you and your employees cool and comfortable, while protecting people and interior furnishings from the sun’s damaging UV light.

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Panel Work and Film Removal's incure seperate line item charges.

Dicounts available in Store. Check out our video of 7 reasons to tint your car below.

360 TINT Videos: Solar Gard Window Tinting

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Get your next custom car wrap graphic, automotive window tinting, or paint protection film from 360 Tint! San Antonio’s Premier Automotive and Commercial window tinting company, a Panorama® Solar Gard Window Film Premier Plus Dealer. We are conveniently located inside the Premier Full Service Car Wash Company building Next Door to AVIS Car Rental in Stone Oak. 360 Tint will make sure your vehicle, business or home will get the highest level of protection from our available Window Films, Paint Protection Films, or Vinyl Wrap Graphics that we provide.

Our 360 TINT Automotive Window Tinting Commitment

When it comes to window tinting San Antonio and the installation of window film on your automobile, home or business, we go to great lengths making sure every installation of window tint is done with the most care and precision available.
Audi S5 Window TintingWhen we apply your window film on your vehicle, first we have a Super Bright Shop with HEPA filters that run 24/7 taking out contaminates in the air. Second we use triple osmosis filtered water for our window film application solution to use on every window tint job. Third we have over 20 years experience in window tinting vehicles, this means the installation of your window film will be free from contaminates, installed with no light gaps, and every door window will have the window film applied to the very top edge showing no line gap at the top of the glass. During the installation of your window tint on your vehicle, we make sure that we wrap the doors with super clean dry towels to make sure there is very minimal moisture that gets on your door panels, seats, and the back rear deck of your vehicle is covered with a waterproof membrane that keeps the rear deck dry while applying the window film to the rear glass of your vehicle.

Our 360 TINT Commercial and Residential Window Tinting Commitment

Panorama-Hilite-Slate-Sterling on Aluminum Frame windowsCommercial and residential windows are completely different than automotive windows, the main difference being commercial and residential windows is they are flat. That being said, just as much care is taken on your flat glass windows. Picture to the left has Solar Gard Panorama Slate 20 installed. The customers where experiencing high glare from cars windshields parked in the parking lot. 

There are many different type of glass that we do and the main difference is the frames that the glass is held in by. The two most common frames we encounter on residential windows is silicone sealed metal framed glass and silicone sealed glass with plastic retainer edges. When it comes to these two types of glass our window tinting procedure is pretty straight forward, cleaning is key. We have to make sure that we really take our time and clean the glass and mainly cleaning the edges of the glass. The frame of these types of windows usually has silicone that protrudes out from the edges and getting this cleaned to the point that the window is ready for window film takes a good amount of time. We always make sure that when we are cleaning this type of glass the silicone is completely removed from the glass where the window film is to be installed. Doing this extra cleaning ensures that the window film is going to make the best adhesion possible to the glass. Taking the extra time to clean the glass properly is our number one goal in making your next residential window tint job the talk of the neighborhood and backed by our industry leading Premier Plus Warranty Program. Wood framed glass is our trickiest type of windows and this is the kind of window your really want a seasoned window film professional like us to take care of. Cleaning is the same as the first two types of glass but we take extreme measures to make sure that the integrity of the wood is kept original and unaltered mainly making the time to complete each window longer as we are always as careful as possible with wood framed windows. Cleaning is just part of the whole picture here. When setting up our work area in your home, we use many drop cloths and cover our entire work area so we don't get any moisture on your floors and furniture. We always leave your home as clean as it was if not better then it was before we finish your window film installation. Same is true with each and every window tint job we do for our clients.

Our 360 TINT Graphic Wrap Commitment

Our Graphic Wrap Services can transform your car, truck, van, RV, or Boat into a mobile marketing billboard that puts your message in front of your customer wherever they are.
Wrap Graphic Design and InstallationWe will work with you to plan and execute your ideas to get the most out of your vehicle, as an advertising and marketing tool or simply a great stylish looking ride plus adding the very best paint protection film to your vehicle will protect your vehicle from the damaging debris from the road. Having your vehicle, truck, or car wrapped with graphics will put your message in front of millions every year making wrap graphics one of your best avertising tools you can have. According to the American Trucking Association, 91 percent of drivers and pedestrians notice writing and pictures displayed on trucks. Make sure you ask for John to get the best deal on your next graphic wrap advertising project.

Emergency Vehicle Graphics, Lighting, and Sirens

Emergency Vehicle Window Tinting, Graphics, Lighting, and Sirens

Custom installs on Emergency Vehicles specializing in EMS Vehicles, Fire Department Trucks, Police Response Vehicles

  • Window Tinting
  • Graphics
  • Chevron
  • Lighting
  • Sirens
  • Control Modules

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360 Tint Modern Sales Experience

Information on the Lighting products Available

Feniex Industries is an engineering and manufacturing company of emergency vehicle lighting in Austin, TX. Our innovative product line ranges from the thinnest and brightest warning lights on the market to enhanced smart controllers. Utilizing the latest in LED technology, we specialize in developing a unique, bright and robust product line for police, fire, EMS and construction applications. Feniex, where innovation is at its brightest.

Built in the USA, Austin Texas, these are the most polpular lighting products available for upgrading your emergency vehicle with. Get that custom look along with the full functionality you are looking for.

Feniex Innovation at its Brightest

We also have on site a full service Barber Shop and Restaurant in case you decide to wait for your services from 360 Tint. Call us at (210) 593-8468 today to schedule a reservation.

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Vehicle Enhancement Film like 3M Carbon Fiber will make any car stand apart for the pack

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