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Whether you need an Automotive, Residential or Commercial window tint our staff has over 40 years of experience in the industry to you the highest quality window tinting installation available. Call Us Now At 210-593-TINT (8468)

Besides better looks, having window tint installed on your vehicle’s windows will help conserve your car’s energy by blocking thermal rays that overheat your vehicles interior. Window film will also protect your vehicle’s interior from fading and you from over exposure to the UV rays while driving that, according to The Skin Cancer Foundation, is a contributing cause of skin cancer.
  • We use only high quality films
  • We offer lifetime transferable warranties
  • State of the art cutting software
Commercial window films can not only help property managers save significantly on their energy costs, is also adresses common problem areas such as reducing excessive heat gain or glare through particular windows, correcting zoned temperature imbalances, increasing the safety and security of a property, improving exterior building aesthetics, and enhancing tenant privacy.
  • Significantly Cut Cooling Costs
  • Reduce Unwanted Heat and Glare
  • Increase Safety and Security of Property
Having window film applied is a great investment in the future comfort and maintenance of your home. While windows let in the natural light and provide great views, they can also lead to problems with excessive heat and glare as well as fading issues. Window films help reduce the heat, lower cooling costs, cut the glare and eliminate UV which is the single biggest cause of fading.
  • Reduce Heat and Glare Issues
  • Lower Energy Costs
  • Extend Useful Life of Furnishings

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With over 23 years of experience, Scott is classically trained by Weber's Glass Tinting with over 40 Years of window tinting knowledge in the industry. Scott and Weber still work on projects together to this day. More

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Ceramic Pro 9H

Ceramic Pro 9H is a permanent nano-ceramic protective paint coating. Its transparent 3D matrix structure protects the paint or surface from scratches, graffiti, dirt, aging, premature oxidation, weathering, road salt, rock chips, bugs, bird droppings and even acid rain. It offers excellent scratch, thermal (1382 degrees), UV, oxidation, corrosion and chemical resistance. A surface that has been sealed with Ceramic Pro 9H stays clean for a longer period of time due to its smoothness and hydrophobic qualities. Ceramic Pro 9H is permanent and can only be removed using machine polish. The unique formulation of 9H has enabled it to be multi-layered which means the thickness of the coating can be increased with additional layers allowing a thicker/harder film that will increase its scratch resistance.

Ceramic Pro Light

The super hydrophobic and anti-graffiti effects of Ceramic Pro Light mean the coated surface will stay cleaner for longer as dirt and grime will not stick to it. Ceramic Pro Light is highly durable and leaves a high gloss surface once applied. 

  • Durability up to 24 months

  • Super Hydrophobic Effect

  • Weather & UV Resistance

  • High Gloss Finish

  • Anti-Graffiti

  • Advanced Chemical Resistance

  • Oxidation & Corrosion Resistant

Application Options:

2 Coats of the Ceramic Pro 9H plus the Ceramic Pro Light comes with a 5 Year Warranty is $895.00

4 Coats of the Ceramic Pro 9H plus the Ceramic Pro Light comes with a Lifetime Warranty is $1495.00

1 Coat of the Ceramic Pro Light comes with a 2 year Warranty is $295.00



Officially Tested

Ceramic Pro has been officially tested and certified by "SGS". SGS are the world's largest and leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company trusted by millions.

Ceramic Pro is constantly tested to ensure it meets the highest standards.


Gloss Level - High (depends on substrate) 
    Viscosity #2 Zahn Cup - 12~14 seconds
    5% Salt Spray (ASTM B117) - 350 hrs
    Pencil Hardness (JIS 5400) - Above 9H 
    Adhesion Cross-Cut Tape (ASTM D3359) - 5b (no coating loss)
    Mandrel Bend (ASTM D522) - 0 mm coating loss at 180° rotation
      Impact (ASTM D2794) - 80/80 inch-lbs

Official Document - Hardness by Pencil Test (500g), Alkali Resistance, Acid Resistance, Salt Solution Resistance

Official Document - Hardness by Pencil Test (1000g)

Official Document - Toxicity Test (Non Toxic)Scratch tests/Hardness 

Automotive Detailing Products

Specially Picked for Excellence

Preserve That “Show-Room Shine” 

True Aviation Grade Protection

True Aviation Grade Protection -  New generation sealants claim to be “aviation grade” and talk a good “sexy” game, but these products do not hold up to the ironclad performance and history of ToughGuard®. Commercial, corporate, US Military and private aircraft customers have all benefited from the durability and performance of ToughGuard®. for years. Test results are backed by certified, accredited, independent testing laboratories. These test results coupled with real world results and years of customer satisfaction prove not only the validity of our product, but for its superiority over competing products.

Five Year Guarantee — HR ToughGuard® offers a five year warranty insured and underwritten by an A+ BBB rated insurance company.  You will not find any “small print” exceptions in our guarantee. A one-time application by a certified installer is guaranteed to ensure our customers with an impressive, long lasting and protected coating for at least five years.

Simplify Cleanup — Other sealants, polymers, traditional waxes and polishes deteriorate from heat exposure, absorb buildup and pollutants and wash away with washing detergents. But ToughGuard® actually repels dirt and dust, making clean-up easier while providing the ultimate shine and protection. Bug residue, bird droppings, salt adhesion, pollutants and road grime wash away quickly and easily, minimizing labor, usage of water and chemicals.

Protect The Environment

Minimize Impact — Because ToughGuard® helps to repel dirt, pollutants and other types of debris,  a significant savings of water and a reduction of detergents is realized for routine cleaning and maintenance, resulting in a positive impact for our environment.

Reduce Carbon Emissions — Decreased surface friction results in reduced carbon emissions, greater fuel economy and lowering your global carbon footprint.

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Panorama® Elite Commercial Window Films

Whether you are a small business or billion-dollar corporation, you do what
it takes to reduce expenses and protect your bottom line. With Solar Gard
window film installed on your office or you can save significantly on energy
costs, maintain a more comfortable and productive environment, reduce
interior fading and improve exterior appearance. Once it is installed, the
benefits keep coming year after year with durable, long-lasting Solar Gard
window films.

Panorama® Window Films can dramatically improve your building in four
specific ways:

toughguard® Performance

TOUGHGUARD is the leader in surface paint protectants. TOUGHGUARD products can benefit almost any painted surface by providing a durable, contaminant resistant finish that is long lasing and easily maintained. TOUGHGUARD is patented and its proprietary formula has been tested and certified to conform to a wide variety of applications so that you can trust its safety.

Commercial Window Films

We are particular just like you when it comes to the quality of our window films to be applied by us on our customers buildings. Our main goal is always to save as much energy as possible at the same time providing the right window film with the right amount of glare reduction. Our commercial window films can provide just what you need for maximum energy savings and ultimate clarity throughout all of our available commercial window tint. So from the lightest shades of window film to the very darkest shades of tint available, we will match you with the right window film for your particular application. 

Noted jobs around San Antonio are:

PF Changs at La Conterra Pkwy
NTB at Bandera and 1604
Paricos Mexican Restaurant at i10 and Vance Jackson
YMCA at St. Mary’s and 281 
YMCA at Thousand Oaks
Broadway Bank at Main Branch Building 410 – 6 Floors
OSHA Main Office at i10 and Callaghan

Starbucks at Stone Oak and Evens
Starbucks at Wurzbach and NW Military
UPS Store in Stone Oak by Costco 1604 and 281
Broadway Bank at Stone Oak and 1604
Ricos Products at
830 S Presa St
Starbucks at the RIM i10 and La Conterra Pkwy
YMCA in Schertz TX

Texas Department of Public Safety Main Austin Headquarters
Brighton Store in Stone Oak
Brighton Store in Austin TX
SKECHERS USA 410 & Bandera

Customer Feedback

Hey Scott, this is Takahisa the yellow Cayman R owner. I haven't had much chance to drive her for a while but I drove to College Station a few weeks ago. We've already seen that the fuel consumption was improved on the way back from your shop but it was my co-worker driving so I needed to try by myself and guess what? It's about 5% improvement! I applied some left over you gave me to the wheels this weekend and they are just as smooth as body now. Also, ClearPlex has much better visibility compared to the previous film  I really want to say thank you for what you did!!

Best regards,
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